The secrets of business growth for milk tea shops
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The secrets of business growth for milk tea shops

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  1. Look at the location: The best locations for opening a milk tea shop are schools, parks, blocks, stations, etc. These places are crowded and in high demand. Schools are a source of business, and we must seize that. High school and college are the same.

   2. Milk tea ingredients: The difference between good milk tea and bad milk tea is often the ingredients. Even if you want to keep costs down, business is not good for too few costs,           so don't skimp on materials. In particular, for example, the pearls of bubble tea must be chewy and not too hard.

   3. Configure the wifi function: Now students like to play games in places with wifi, and all students like the Internet. Except for Internet cafes that cannot be accessed, the school has         almost no Internet, so students like places with WiFi.

   4. There should be more types of drinks: pay attention to the types that customers often order, and then continue to design on this basis to make this category the best.

5. Entertainment: For example, there are poker cards and werewolf killing; such people who go to play in groups and do not want to play mobile phones can also play these entertainments. This is also the way to retain customers.

Marketing Section

You can customize your own brand logo, or mascot to increase the brand penetration of the store, and you can promote 3 schemes.

1: Recharge a certain amount of money as a gift.

2: The consumption reaches a certain amount as a gift reward.

3: Forward and share the post of the brand homepage on Facebook, get a certain number of likes, you can get a milk tea toy for free

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